Saturday, December 6, 2008

Casting Call

If you could assemble a dream cast for a remake of the movie, who would you choose? I picture Tony Shaloub from Monk as Fedallah and Michael Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile as Daggoo. Ahab is a little harder to cast...maybe William Peterson from CSI: Las Vegas?


Mrs. Baird said...

Here is my dream cast...

Ishmael:Emilie Hirsch(guy from Into the Wild)
Queequeg: not wuite sure, he would be hard to find.
Ahab: Jack Nicholson
Daggoo: I agree with Michael Clarke Duncan
Tashtego: Benjamin Bratt
Fedallah: Elijah Wood(he seems like he could be very sneaky and spooky)


Mrs. Baird said...

This is my dream cast for Moby Dick:

Ishmael: Leonardo DiCaprio

Queequeg:Erik Sprague (the lizard man)

Dagoo: Michael Clarke Duncan

Tashtego: Michael Greyeyes (from The New World)

Ahab: Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbosa)

Fedallah: Naveen Andrews (Sayid from Lost)

Aunt Charity: Julie Andrews

Dough Boy: Andy Milonakis

Pip: Jayden Smith (Will Smith's Son)


Mrs. Baird said...

The best possible cast would be...

Daggoo: Michael Clarke Duncan

Queequeg: Ray Park(Darth Maul)

Dough Boy: Sean Astin(Samwise Gamgee)

Tashtego: August Schellenberg(Randolph from "Free Willy")

Ishmael: Ryan Gosling

Ahab: Patrick Stewart(Star Trek and X-men, Professor X)

Starbuck: Christian Bale(Batman Begins/Dark Knight)

Stubb: Steve Carell(The Office)

Flask: Josh Peck

Fedallah: Amirish Puri(Bad dude in "Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom")

Pip: Gary Coleman(Different Strokes)

Diane Shao

Mrs. Baird said...

Dream Cast so far:
Ishmael- David Thewlis (Remus in Harry Potter, monk guy in Kingdom of Heaven)
Ahab- Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean)
Starbuck-Nicholas Cage (National Treasure)
Queequeg is tough to place which is kind of sad. And I agree with Shamu on Charity being Julie Andrews.