Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Butterless Man

Stubb was a butterless man aboard the Pequod. Write about a time when you were not a butterless man.


Mrs. Baird said...

I was not a butterless man today when I ate macaroni and cheese that was quite delicious and incredibly buttery. The macaroni and cheese simply would not have satisfied my tastes without the fantastic excess of butter. Mmmm. If I were Stubb I would have asked for the butter despite my fear of Ahab because butter is that important.

Mrs. Baird said...

I certainly am not a butterless man due to my experience with some delicious, juicy, buttery mac & cheese today. I made a box and as the tempestuous waters were brought to a boil I slavered over the noodles and poured them in. Once they were cooked, I doused the tiny morsels in lucious buttery goodness. After adding the less important milk and cheese I stirred and then treated my taste buds to sheer butter delight. All in all, I'm NOT butterless.

Mrs. Baird said...

Hoping this doesn't have to be literal, because if it I'll go on a food rant (Cooking is a family hobby). Olive oil's way better than butter, anyways... But moving on!

But in the not-so-literal sense, I'm usually not a "butterless man" at family reunions on Mom's side of the family. Their hospitality makes it impossible to feel too awkward to ask for anything. Dad's side of the family is another story, because it's much larger and less organized, so gatherings can be a little intimidating, albeit amusing.

-Essex Haunt

P.S.- Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Baird said...

I refuse to be "butterless" any time I can. If I don't have the necessary ingredients, I'll send my kids out to beg, borrow, or steal. My family deserves more than to be without such delicacies. Besides, if their meal is not up to par, I'm harpooned with salad forks.

Mrs. Baird said...

Hmmm..I would have to say that I was certainly not a butterless man last friday when my friend decided that it was a chocolate milkshake day. I soo kindly informed him I was not a fan of chocolate milkshakes and asked if we could decide on another flavor. Then I was faced with another dilemma..which flavor would I choose as a replacement from the endless list of delectable scoops? I thought a minute and carefully weighed my choices and finally decided upon..butterscotch! My friend agreed that this was also a great flavor and ordered a tasty butterscotch milkshake.


Mrs. Baird said...

I had a big mac today with a combination of fries and a cool concotion of hi-c and powerade. Certainly, I am not a butterless man.

Jack Sparrow